Internet Content Filters That Are Effective for Blocking Adult Content

Keeping porn and other adult related content out of the home can be tricky, but with Internet content filters, this is no longer an issue. Nowadays, teenagers are learning all sorts of tricks to become sneakier, and this can be dangerous, especially when they start getting online and looking around. Here are a few of the more popular adult content blocker programs.


Not only can you monitor what type of activity is going on in your home, but you can get alerts sent to you to show you a breakdown of the time of day and what was viewed. You can control the websites that your teens visit, and even social sites can be blocked. These are becoming a portal for trouble nowadays. Computer websites can be visited as normal and there are no restrictions as to times they can get on, but certain sites are just set to be blocked.


Another one of the many popular Internet content filters on the market these days is SafeEyes, which is designed to give you e-mail and even text message alerts the minute an adult-related or blocked website is viewed or visited. You can choose from a variety of settings and filters and always stay one step ahead of the teenagers and even men in the home.


This adult content blocker will give you the ability to set filters, add sites and remove them as often as you want. If your marriage is struggling, in some cases a man will resort to looking at porn, and now this can be prevented as well as for teenage boys that are in the home as well.

There are several others available nowadays, and any of these adult content blocker programs is going to help keep you and your family protected from the industry of adult content. Not only is this something that is harmful to families, it can also become an addiction and get out of control.